The 2007 reunion was held in Memphis, Tennessee from October 4th through the 7th at the Windham Garden Hotel hosted by Jack Futch.  The cost per room was $99 per night. 

Of the 132 pictures that Keith Birkhofer sent me, I only selected 32.  I would have selected more but felt that 32 was more user friendly.  Click here to view the reunion pictures.

If you need to add or delete any names on the below roster, please contact Gus Tomuschat

Attendee Roster

 Adesso, Elana  Civilian
 Aharonian, Joreen  Civilian
 Barker, Stan Judith  Marine
 Barnes, Tom Ruth Civilian
 Birkhofer, Keith  Marine
 Bishton, Bob Lynn Civilian
 Buckingham, Tom Peggie  Marine
 Burton, Paul   Marine
 Collias, Mary  Civilian
 Crimmins, Lloyd Doris Navy
 Dumas, Sheila  Civilian
 Friedel, Collins Karen Marine
 Futch, Jack  Marine
 Gardiner, Alice  Civilian
 Hackett, Jim  Marine
 Hubbard, Bill Luann Marine
 James, Andrey (Jerry) Betsy Marine
 Johnson, Rick Freddi Marine
 Johnson, Steven Amal Marine
 Kost, Barbara  Civilian
 Krauss, Jack Ann Marine
 Kuhr, Bonnie  Civilian
 Lowe, Peter Linda Stevens Marine
 May, Rick  Civilian
 McCallister, Marvin  Civilian
 McKay, Murray Donna Marine
 Mollick, Tom Lois Marine
 Mudrock, Gary Marie Marine
 Nelson, Jim  Marine
 Prosser, James Mary Civilian
 Ruddick, Terry  Navy
 Ruelas, Celia  Civilian
 Russ, Cora  Civilian
 Ryan, Jack Grace Mentag Civilian
 Sokup, Carter  Marine
 Soto, Rudy Ramona Marine
 Tessmer, Karen S.  Civilian
 Toupalik, Ralph Judy Marine
 Twohie, George Sandra Civilian
 Valdez, John Shirley Elliott Marine
 Vestal, Leroy Cynde Marine
 West, Bob Ella Marine
 Wynn, Neal Patricia Moore Marine
 Zinn, Eric  Marine